Part of body that women hate most

Beautiful hair, toned butt and a flat stomach are on the wish list of every woman, and a list of things you do not like about your body truly is long. But one thing the women really hate are hanging upper arms. 

The research made by experts in the UK revealed that 75 percent of the women hates sagging upper arms. That part of the body bothered them so much that they avoid the sleeveless garments, and the simple thought of the hanging skin throws them into despair. 

The women who participated in the survey, 1300 of them were found various flaws in their body as fat on the abdomen and thighs, but what really makes tears to their eyes is the appearance of their hands. 

During the study, patients were admitted and how sometimes because of dissatisfaction with the appearance, any popular entertainment or shopping can not improve their mood. 

Same problem is with the celebrities, but some of them brought their hands to perfection. Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry look great just as always. Modeling materials, curves in the right places, and their seductive smiles are the advantages which can not remain unnoticed.