Reduce your desire to smoke

Smoking is unhealthy habits against which many people fights, but no avail. Although for smoking cessation a will is needed first of all, there are tricks that can certainly make the job easier for you. Learn how to reduce your desire for a cigarette.

1. When you feel a strong desire to smoke take a note of how strong that urge takes. Nicotine crisis coming in waves, and it lasts about three minutes. It will be a lot easier when you know that this wave will pass.

2. Suck hard candies. Sugar helps in suppressing the desire to smoke, but do not overdo it, but combine sugar and sweets. And also a glass of cold water can reduce the desire for a cigarette.

3. Walking and exercise are perfect in the fight against smoking. The body will thus be able to quickly overcome the nicotine crisis that is normal for smoking cessation.

4. If you feel a strong desire for a cigarette you prepare a nice bath with essential oils like lavender or jasmine or a warm shower. It will help you to calm down and relax.

5. Nicotine gum can also help you to overcome the nicotine crisis, especially in the first ten days.

6. At a time when you feel the crisis, brush your teeth. It will then reduce your desire for a cigarette.

7. Replace a coffee for a tea because tein has a similar effect as caffeine. Also, this way you will at least solve the first part of the withdrawal habit of coffee drinking with pleasure of a cigarette.

8. You could chew a gum with mint flavor or cinnamon sticks. These also help in suppressing the desire to smoke and do not forget that the crisis takes only 3 minutes.

9. Prepare your body to stop smoking and drink multivitamins and eat a lots of fruit. Also a half ounces of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 ounces of water is a drink that can reduce the desire for a cigarette.