Skin care during winter

Does your skin feel warm though winter has arrived?

Winter climate is likely to make your skin dry... This winter take care of your skin and body through few health tips:

Use a plain moisturizer for skin and Vaseline for lips rather than too fancy creams/moisturizer. Avoid harsh peels, facemasks and alcohol based toners, instead use mild cleansing milk. If you generally have a dry skin, then avoid washing your face too frequently.

Dry winter tends to increase dandruff on scalp. You can apply curd on your scalp an hour before washing your hair. Avoid applying curd during the early mornings and late nights as you may catch a cold.

Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and sprouts. They taste really ‘yumm’ during winter...
You may not feel thirsty frequently, so keep drinking water on frequent intervals to keep your body hydrated.