Ten fun facts about Wine

Fact 1:
France is the biggest wine producer in the world.

Fact 2:
Oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine.

Fact 3:
There is more than 10000 varities of wine grapes in the world.

Fact 4:
Grapes are ranked as the worlds number 1 fruit crop.

Fact 5:
Spain is the largest producer of white wine in the world.

Fact 6:
Tom Cruise served 300 bottles of wine at his wedding.

Fact 7:
Australia developed wine in a box in the ‘70s.

Fact 8:
The word Wine is mentioned 521 times in the Bible.

Fact 9:
Red wine represents 55% of restaurant wine sales.

Fact 10:
The wreck of the Titanic holds the oldest wine cellar in the world.