The best jeans for your body

There is no person that in its closet does not keep at least one favorite jeans in which it feels sexy. This garment will never go out of fashion and it is certainly recommended if you don't have one already, go in search of jeans that are the best for you. Do not select the trendy jeans, but the ones that match the structure of your body.

Jeans are an important piece of clothing that can be worn in a thousand ways. But research has shown that two thirds of women have not yet found the ideal jeans, while the rest of the ones that best suit them carry almost until they fall apart. Also, a fifth of customers are willing to spend more money on the 'perfect' jeans.

The trends are changing rapidly and in order to select those which will look the best on you and which will highlight your sexiness, to follow seasonal trends, choose the jeans for your body and material comfort.

Women with stronger hips should wear jeans with high waist and straight cut of the legs, while those of athletic build are with much wider choice. They fit almost all types of jeans, a recommendation is a narrow cut which follows the line of the body.

Women that aren't so slim should avoid tight elastic and those of unusual, accented pockets. Dark jeans with higher waist and straight-cut trousers are the best choice. Prefer to select a bigger number in which you feel comfortable, instead of some smaller.