The most expensive dog wedding

The most expensive dog wedding in the UK cost an incredible 20,000 pounds, reports the Telegraph. Louise Harris, a proud owner of a Yorkie terrier Lola and Magly, spent the a huge amount of money for the wedding ceremony for their dogs which was attended by 80 guests.

A dog that was a bride was wearing a dress Michelle Oks worth a 1,000 pounds, decorated with 1,800 Swarov crystals. Of the jewelry she had a pearl necklace worth a 400 pounds, miniature bracelets at 250, and leash with Swarov crystals that cost 350 pounds.

Flowers were at the cost of 1000 pounds, the services of decorators and designers, 3400 pounds, and providing an additional 400 pounds. The ceremony took place in Bredvelu of Essex, and only rent space for this unusual wedding cost is 2,500 pounds.

Louise was brought up her other two terrier, Lulu and Larry, to the wedding as well who served as bridesmaids. She said that nothing is too good for her dogs. They are the pupil of her eye, and she loves to spend money on them.