Tips to be a Better Wife

Take care of yourself
Take care of yourself, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Dress well and maintain a good figure, this will give you confidence and make you feel good.

Make him your priority
When women have babies they forget their husband, which makes men feel jealous of their own children. Spend time with your husband and make the time spent special, do activities like going out for candlelit dinners etc. This will show him how important he is to you

Don’t try to change him
Ignore the cons of your spouse and concentrate on his good attitude. If you don’t like his behavior in certain situation or if he does something that makes you sad then discuss it with him but don’t nag him every time.

Give him his space when he asks for it
Everyone wants to spend some time alone. It may be soul searching or dreaming. Let him also enjoy his quiet time. He will feel good.