Top 10 Cell phones Safety facts

1. Keep the handset if
possible at least 2 to 7
inches away from your
head or use loudspeaker
mode. It decreases the
transmission of electro-
magnetic radiation to the
brain significantly.
2. Do not keep the cell
phones close to your
head when sleeping.
Switch it off in the night or
keep it 1.80 meters or 6
feet away from your head.
3. If keeping cell phones in
pocket keep the keypad
towards you so that
antenna faces away from
4. Don’t use cell phones if
pregnant. The developing
organs of the fetus or child
are the most sensitive to
any possible effects of
electromagnetic radiation
(EMR) exposure.
5. Avoid cell phones usage
in ‘metal containers’ like
Vehicles, Elevators,
Airplanes, Trains and any
other type of metal
container as it increases
the EMR.
6. Avoid using the wired
headsets. If you do
use headsets use an air
tube headset with ferrite
beads. Blue tooth are
better as they emit
1/100th the EMR of a
normal cell phone.
With regular headsets you
get 3 times more EMR
than if you hold the cell
phone against your ear.
7. Cell phones are a big NO
for Children under 15
years as currently brain
tumors are the second
leading cause of death in
8. Keep cell phones well
away from newborns.
EMR travel through
children’s brains much
more easily due to thinner
skulls and hence increases
the risk of cancer.
9. Avoid using cell phones
in your pant pocket – as
radiation can affect your
fertility. Avoid it in breast
pocket if you have a
10. When buying a cell
phone – look for one
with a low SAR or
Specific Absorption Rate.
Lower the SAR number the
better. For example -
Popular Motorola Razr V3x
has a SAR of 0.14 – which
is amongst the lowest
seen recently.