Water Purification Technique During Hiking

Water, though colorless, tasteless and odorless plays a major role in our existence. However, pure and safe water is the top priority for healthy life. While hiking, one can carry water that would be sufficient for one or two days.

However, if one plans to hike for couple of days, one needs to know the process of water purification. Unfortunately, water from streams and lakes are no longer safe for one’s health. While hiking one’s body loses good amount of water, so even if the weather is cold, one still needs water to quench the thirst.

There are basically three types of water purification:

Water Filters
Chemical purification
Whichever method one chooses one needs to understand that it has to be done properly or it is a waste of time and energy. Hence the first step is to wash your hands throughly before starting the process.



The most effective and age old technique of purifying the water is boiling. One can simply pour the collected water in a heating pot and let it boil for a couple of minutes and drink it once it cools down.


It helps to kill the harmful bacteria present in the water.


The process is time consuming. It uses large amount of fuel. This process does not hold beneficial in removing the other unwanted materials like sand particles, mud and plant waste.

2.Water Filters

Water filters prove to be very beneficial in removing most of the unwanted waste from the water. Different types of water filters are available such as

Pump Filter:

The water has to be manually pumped with the help of the filter which gets stored in the container attached.


Pumping activity requires lots of effort.

Gravity Filters:

The contaminated water drips through the filter and gets stored in another container.


It is time consuming.

Bottle Filters:

The most efficient and easy to use. It is a typical plastic bottle, that filters the debris before entering the straw or the mouth piece. They are comparatively less bulky.


The filter slows down the water flow. One cannot filter large quantity and store it.

3.Chemical Tablets:

Consider carrying chemical tablets even if you have other purifying techniques in your backpack. They are light weight and very effective for water purification.


The biggest disadvantage in using the chemical tablet for water purification is that it leaves unpleasant chemical taste in the water.


Do not collect water from area that is heavily polluted. As there are great chances of chemical pollutants getting mixed in nearby water stream.
Always maintain the hygiene when purifying the water.
Always check the availability of water in the hiking area before hand.