Why do women prefer bad boys?

He is a nice guy, attentive, honest, pleasing you, with him you know you'll have a peaceful and harmonious life, and again it's not what you really want. Research shows that women, despite all this at the end choose the bad guys.

Even though each man has strengths and weaknesses, certain characteristics of some more or less come to the fore, and the members of the stronger sex usually divided into good and bad guys. Experts for the male-female relationships listed seven key reasons that explain why the good guys have less chances.

Too good to be true
Every woman thinks that the good guys are too fine. They are so burdened with the desire to be fair and honest with everyone to simply forget what is real life. They are quite tighten with the rules on good manners and they would never have done something inappropriate, and that, experts say, is not a formula that will help them gain and keep a woman.

Men like mats
Given that the good guys have no limits in their goodness, sometimes it seems that they are used as mats for the others. These men often have no clear goal in life, and women find them uninteresting for potential partners.

Unlike the bad guys, with whom is guaranteed uncertain and turbulent life, a good guys mostly have monotonous and dull life that eventually grew into a routine in which everything can be predicted. In the partner links they do not show initiative, they are not fun and energetic, and that's why women usually don't like them.

No challenges
Every woman on a man looks as a challenge. The fairer sex always want something to change or improve on their partner - to quit smoking, alcohol, frequent outings ... When they are with a good guy they do not have this challenge, because with him there is nothing to fix.

Fear of binding
With a good and mature guys there can be a serious future plan, and in modern times, many women have a fear of setting down and a marriage, and that is why they give up of such men.

Not charming
Bad guys are in hostile situations always relies on their charm, and always know what to say, but good men often are not skilled with words and they are very often confused in some situations.

They are not protectors
For centuries, there is a thought that the main male role is to protect his partner, a woman claiming that with the good guys simply do not feel protected.