Why do You Need Calcium?

For sure you have heard that you need calcium to protect your health. Every doctor will tell you that you should eat foods rich in this mineral. Have you ever wonder why? Is it really true? It is easy to say that we need minerals and vitamins. It is harder to say why. Read this article and check why calcium is so important. Maybe thanks to that you will look in different way on this precious mineral.

Health benefits of calcium:

Kidney stones
Experts used to believe that calcium contribute to the development of kidney stones. All in all kidney stones are crystallized forms of various minerals in the urinary tract. According to new researches high dietary calcium intakes can decrease the risk for this problem.

Prevent Colon Cancer
Diet rich in calcium reduce the risk of adenomas – a precursor to colon cancer. Scientist found that people who consumed approximately 700 to 800 mg of this nutrient per day decreased their risk of occurring and developing left side colon cancer. On the other hand another researches found inconclusive evidence regarding association of colon cancer and calcium intake. This is why experts are not sure if calcium minimizes the cancer risk completely.

Control Blood Pressure
National Institutes of Health compared different types of diets. The “typical American” diet was compared with diets full in vegetables, fruits and calcium. The results of this researches (“Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”) showed that calcium intakes can actually decrease blood pressure.

Strengthens Bones
Calcium is helpful to keep your bones in good shape and prevent skeletal complaints such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Add calcium to your diet and make sure you have strong bones.

Heart protection
Adequate calcium supports all muscles – heart is no exception. Remember that calcium can help you prevent constriction and regulate level of pressure in your arteries.
Healthy teeth
Calcium affect on the jawbone. Therefore diet rich in this nutrient will help you to protect teeth. If your calcium level is low, the jawbone surrenders this nutrient to other parts of your body. Because the jaw become weakness, your teeth loosing and that leads to creating gaps susceptible to bacteria that can cause inflammation, infection and even bleeding.
Calcium improves premenstrual moods
According to Susan Thys-Jacobs from St. Luke’s Roosvelt Hospital getting enough calcium can ease the symptoms of PMs. Thanks to this nutrient hormones that can cause depression, irritability and cramping are suppressed.

Weight management
Calcium can help to regulate body weight in both females and males. If you suffer from calcium deficiency, your body shall tend to release parathyroid hormone. This hormone stimulates bones to release calcium into your blood stream so the balance is maintained. The problem is that parathyroid hormone also stimulates the production of fat. What is more, it prevents fat break down. Therefore, if you want to prevent obesity you have to remember about calcium in your diet.

Support vitamin D
Calcium and vitamin D may reduce the risk of melanoma. According to scientists, combination of these two nutrients can cut the chance of melanoma in half for some women at high risk of developing this skin cancer.
Maintain a healthy pH level
Calcium will help you to maintain a healthy pH level. Thanks to that you will improve your overall health and vitality.

Prevents Premenstrual Blues
Calcium can lessen the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as hypertension, mood swings and dizziness.
Calcium has so many health benefits. It is impossible to indicate the greatest advantage of this mineral. Of course you have to be aware that calcium can leads to some side effects. You have to remember about proper dosage. If you have any doubts, you have to consult your physician. Keep in mind – calcium can strengthen your overall health. Maybe it is time to think about diet rich in this mineral?