Why men lose weight faster

Being fit is very important. People take their bikes from the dusty basement in a corner of the steppers other device for home practice. With perseverance and responsibility diet results will not fail, but women tend to get it. Why is this so?

1. Women are more burdened with food, and men with sex
If we can believe a recent study dedicated to the sexual habits of 25 percent of women think of food every half hour, while only 10 percent of women so often think of sex.

In the men world ratio is a somewhat different, because 5 percent of them think about sex every minute, while 36 percent of men entertained those thoughts every half hour.

2. The relation between women and food is an emotional conditioned
The book 'Conquering Heart Attack & Stroke "by publishing the study has proved that the female brain responds to food emotionally, connecting the memory and motivation, while the men brain applies to it only to the current easing hunger.

3. Men have a faster metabolism than women
Men have 5 to 10 percent faster metabolism than women of the same height and weight.