A Teenager is a living Cartoon character

Anastasiya Shpagina, 19, who is an animated Japanese cartoons fan, takes style inspiration from the cartoons and computer animations that have a huge following in Japan. She has even adopted a Japanese name -- Fukkacumi.

A Ukranian teenager has literally transformed herself into a living cartoon character, complete with miniature waist, coloured hair, and a defined pout.

With her enormous, glassy eyes, purple hair and coquettish pose, this girl could have stepped from the scene of a Japanese anime film.

Shpagina, who measures 5'2", is already reported to have slimmed down to just over six stone in her attempts to resemble a living anime character. She is said to spend 30 minutes to apply her make-up to each one of her eyes.

With over 10,000 fans on Facebook, the teenager also posts videos on YouTube showing how she applies her make-up.

One of such video clips, in which Shpagina is seen revealing how she achieves her 'flower fairy' look, has been watched more than 150,000 times.