David always used to feel alone,deserted. He felt as though nobody cared about him. Not even his family or friends. He felt like he was a 'nobody'. He always used to feel depressed.
Then one day, he had enough, and hated the fact nobody loved him.. So he decided maybe he should go far away and then see if everyone realises his value once his gone. 

He decided to fake his own death. He ran away from home, and then got his only friend to call his family informing them of his death. He said that David had drowned accidentally during a walk along the river. He wanted to see if they really cared now that he had gone. He stayed away from home for a week.

After a week, he asked his friend to go to his house and see what was happening. On arrival, he saw his family all dressed in black.

He asked David's sister:
'Are you having a memorial service for David?

She replied:
'David's body was never found.. So we are still hoping he may have survived, but sadly our mother passed away, instantly on hearing about David's death. He was her heart and soul and she couldn't take the pain.. She loved him more than anything. Due to the shock, she died from a heart attack..:'('