Largest cruise ships

The Titanic was built for $10 million in 1911. It was 265m (883 ft) long. Not to be outdone in any manner Queen Mary 2 is 345 meters (1,132 ft) long, displaces 150 000 tonnes and accommodates 1 253 crew members at the service of 2 620 passengers. It was launched by Cunard on January 12, 2004. Queen Mary 2 was the world’s largest, longest, tallest ocean liner until Royal Caribbean International’s Freedom of the Seas was launched in April 2006. Although QM2 is 6m (20 ft) longer, Freedom of the Seas comes in at 160,000 tonnes, is 339m (1,112 ft) long, 56m (184 ft) wide and has a cruising speed of 21.6 knots. She is 15m (50 ft) wider than QM2 and pampers 4,375 lucky passengers in her 1,800 rooms across 15 decks. Her sister ship, Liberty of the Seas, was launched a year later, then being considered the largest ocean liner. She features a water park, cantilevered whirlpools, and on-board surfing. The third liner was launched in April 2008 in the famous Freedom Class, the magnificent Independence of the Seas.