10 Mantras to Great Hair

1. Protect Hair

Protect hair from damaging agents, like chlorine (while bathing), heat, cold, etc. Keep your head covered for good part of the day, or at least when you are out of home.

2. Trim Regularly

Trimming small amounts of hair actually aids its growth. Trim your hair regularly. This exercise also reduces split-ends, if any.

3. Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a killer! Make sure you keep dandruff away if you want great hair. Have regular hot-oil massages and use good shampoo to keep dandruff away.

4. Natural Agents

Eat natural agents that aid in hair growth; these include avocadoes, eggs, lemon, yogurt, honey, etc.

5. Hair Color

Use good quality hair color. Avoid dyes and colors that have ammonia in it.

6. Combing

Use a comb with wider and softer teeth. Also, make sure you do not comb wet hair, as wet hair are entangled and break easily.

7. Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair attract a lot of dust when you are out. Treat them well. Clean your hair regularly using good quality shampoo and conditioner.

8. Avoid Heat Treatments

We know you love styling, but heat treatments can damage your hair considerably. Avoiding heat treatments would be better for health of your hair.

9. Exercise

Exercise more, as it increases blood circulation across body, thereby strengthening the hair-roots and improving hair quality.

10. Eat Healthy

Eat foods that are good for your hair. Avoid rich, oily foods. Eating fruits regularly and increasing intake of water will help improve the health of your hair.