5 Things You Should Never, Ever Do On a First Date

5 Things You Should Never, Ever Do On a First Date
1. Dress Up Gaudily

While dressing up appropriately would do the trick, even the slightest of gaudiness can ruin it all. Neither males, nor females like their date to dress gaudily. It is always suggested to dress simply, yet powerfully.

2. Maintain Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a big turn off, both for males and females. Maintaining poor hygiene will not only ruin your first date, but also decrease your chances of getting the next one. Make sure you are groomed properly, do not stink, and wear a smile on your face.

3. Be Overaggressive

Being confident and aggressive is good, but there is a thin line that decides aggressiveness and over-aggressiveness, especially when it is your first date. Be calm, cool, and light in mood to make it work. Even the slightest of aggression can ruin it, once in for all.

4. Brag

The date is not about you and only you; therefore, it is suggested to stay away from bragging. Bragging would only help your date to get over quickly, because it is a big turn-off. Nobody is interested in what are you up to what are you capable of; there is plenty of time to get that out. This is your first date; keep your conversation light. Be more interested in listening and sharing.

5. Be too Inquisitive

Being too inquisitive can turn off things straightaway! It is your first date and not any exam. Stop quizzing your date. Instead, enjoy. Share the memories, if any. Share perspectives, likes, dislikes, etc. Never let your date feel uncomfortable by bombarding questions. Remember, second meeting will happen only when the first one is successful. You got to put full, whole-hearted effort to make the first one successful, and things are likely to work smoothly. We wish your first date to be successful.