86 YEARS OLD – Johanna
Quaas is a true inspiration
to all of us as she is
spending her days
tumbling, spinning and
twirling on the gym floor
and on the parallel bars
no less!

Just recently, Cottbus,
Germany hosted the
2012 Cottbus World Cup
where Quaas performed
her exhibition routine on
the floor and on the
parallel bars. Although
the 86 year old has won
11 medals in senior
gymnastics competitions,
she ultimately just
continues to practice "for

We doubt that this lovely
white-haired athlete sat
around at home
watching TV all day when
she was younger. In fact,
in 1954, Quaas was a
member of the handball
team that took the
Eastern German
Championship! Today,
she continues to astonish
audiences in events
across the globe.

Stories like these that
make us feel like we
should detach ourselves
from our computer
screens and go outside
and do some push ups or