Animals such as sharks, alligators and turtles can potentially live forever!

There is a new body of research showing that some animals could potentially live forever. These long-lived animals are said to exhibit “Negligible Senescence,” a scientific term meaning that their aging process is either nonexistent or too slow to be measured in a laboratory. 
These animals don’t have a finite lifespan like most animals (humans included), meaning that their body will never die of “old age.” Incredibly, these special animals also seem to resist getting many diseases associated with old age!
Though technically possible, it’s highly unlikely these creatures will actually live forever due to outside factors such as starvation and predators. They will, however, continue to grow until they meet their demise!
So, which members of the animal kingdom are immortal, you ask? Lobsters, flounders, sturgeons, sharks, alligators. turtles, and whales are a few examples. But, before you start freaking out that you’ll see a 1,000 year old alligator the size of a house prowling around, let us reassure you.
Most of these animals succumb to the perils of the wild long before they grow to be super-sized. And, if the animal lives in a zoo, nature has determined that it will likely die after becoming infertile since it’s no longer useful for bearing offspring.