Eating kiwis can make your skin glow

Eating at least three portions of fruit and vegetables daily – including carrots, cabbages and kiwi fruit – gives your skin a “healthy” radiance akin to a tan after just a few weeks, a new study has revealed.

Psychologists from the University of St Andrews analysed the impact fruit and vegetable consumption had on perception of skin colour.

Pictures were taken of men and women to analyse their skin tone before and after the test period.

Researchers found that increased fruit and vegetable consumption led to a deepening of natural red and yellow skin colouration, the Daily Mail reported.

They calculated that 2.9 portions of fruit and veggies a day over a six-week period are enough to make people look more healthy, while 3.3 portions will boost attractiveness.

In a second project, participants were asked to “judge” the pictures to rate how attractive the faces were. Those with the “healthy glow” were deemed most desirable.

Campaigners struggling to persuade people to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and veggies a day could use the findings to promote the idea that such products are not only healthy, but make you more attractive.

“Advertising the results of our work could be persuasive in motivating individuals to eschew the dangers of excess ultraviolet exposure in favour of improving diet, which we show to be a more effective way of improving appearance,” Dr Ross Whitehead, who led the study, said.