Healthy Foods To Eat If You Have Kidney Problems

Healthy Foods To Eat If You Have Kidney Problems

The kidneys are vital organs in the body that filter blood in the body and remove toxic wastes. When these organs fail, other organs will also be affected causing them to malfunction as well. Thousands of people in the world are affected by kidney problems. In fact, the number of kidney failure is increasing brought about by unhealthy lifestyle, wrong diet and other diseases. In order to preserve the present function of the kidneys and prevent further deterioration, eating the right kind of food can be of great help.

What kind of food patients with kidney problems should eat? Even if they are already undergoing an acute or chronic kidney disease, having dialysis sessions or recuperating from kidney transplant, these healthy foods will improve the body and support kidney function.

High carbohydrate foods. It is recommended that if there is already an ongoing problem of the kidneys, food that is high in carbohydrates are best. The body will metabolize the carbohydrates which will be used for energy. This spares the protein from being used or broken down by the kidneys. Proteins are used for repairing tissues and aid in the restoration of affected kidneys.

Low or High protein foods. Whether to increase or decrease protein intake depends on the case of patients. For patients not undergoing dialysis, protein intake must be low. The kidneys’ filtering ability is already poor and protein will just be carried in the blood stream further damaging the kidneys. For those who subject to dialysis, protein intake must be high. During dialysis, great amount of protein is lost and must be replenished. Protein is necessary and shouldn’t be eradicated. Great sources are meat, poultry, eggs and cheese.

Antioxidants. When kidneys are affected, an inflammation occurs contributing to its loss of function. Intake of antioxidants aid in healing the affected kidneys. These foods are natural healing remedies that restore organ function. They don’t only work on the affected body part but the whole body to promote a healthy well-being. Foods rich in antioxidants are grapes, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, cherries and blueberries.

Low sodium intake. Sodium can make the condition worse. One manifestation of a kidney problem is increased blood pressure. Since the kidneys can’t filter, the toxins accumulate in the blood making it heavier and thicker. Sodium causes water retention and aggravates to high blood pressure. It is best to limit sodium so as to prevent complications such as bloating, swelling and difficulty of breathing due to water retention.

When kidney problem already occurs, paying attention to diet must be upheld. When the condition is still acute, kidney problem is still reversible. Recovery is fast with the right food. For chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, these healthy foods can improve your functioning and prevent further organ deterioration.