For a long time, every sunday in church the pastor would say keep gloria back in your prayers. she was an older member of the church that was suffering from cancer. i got sort of use to hearing about her, and didn't think about her to much.

until one day, i was sitting by a friend in church, and she told me that she had went to see gloria in the hospital. she wasn't doing good at all and she had asked her to just hold her hand. i thought about gloria all day, and i prayed for her that night. i thought of what i could tell her if i went to see her. she had been my computer teacher in grade school. i clearly remember her calm voice and gentle hands. she was a great teacher.

i made it a promise to myself to go and see her. but then the week started and i got busy with school and practice. pretty soon i was back in church the next sunday. only this time the pastor said sorrowfully that gloria beck had died the day before. my heart sank. if only i would have spend 10 minutes of my day to tell her how much she meant to me, but it was too late now.

i learned a very valuable lesson that day. never wait to thank. please, take the time to thank the people who have made a difference in your life. no matter how small.