"The hypocrite father" By Nina

I don't know what to say or from where i'll start... My problem is my father, he is a hypocrite, skimpy, fanatic... He has made ​​me curse the day I was born, Curse being a girl. He is very fanatic 'girls can't wear this or do and say that...

. 'What can I do ?!!!! in a family and a society like this there are not many options, if one day i dared to say :that's enough, I'm old enough to take my decisions, i'll be considered 'Disobedient' so he has the right to smash my face and expel me from the house... Yes this is his way to do raised me...... as he says' if you didn't like it ,the door is always open' yes father i know.. you made it so clear but unfortunately i have no place to go, no one to turn and you know it very well nd because of that you keep exercising your Abuse and your Tyranny

In a country , most of its inhabitants are unemployed , it is not easy to find a job ESPECIALLY a part-time job because I am student , i can 't work all the day.

I am really lost i don't know what to do, i'm truly devastatin' psychologically and physically what should i do?!!

....Do i run away?!

i Know that it is not the best solution cause the street do not mercy .....do i kill myself and putting an end to my suffering?!!really do not know....... so what the hell should I do?