Top 10 Reasons to Buy Windows 8 Tablets When They Hit the Market

1. Software Compatibility

The Windows 8 tablet will support a lot of software programs that both the enterprise users and other consumers use, nearly every day. There are many made-for-desktop (Windows) programs that cannot run on iPads or any other tablet. With Windows 8 tablets, it will not be a problem to run such programs.

2. Enterprise Users Will Love it

Enterprise users have been actively looking for this combination, for it will let them do all their work-related tasks without compromising on mobility and style. However, this still needs to be seen and proven until we have the device out in the market.

3. Windows 8 Professional

Windows 8 Pro will be capable of running on the Intel-based tablets. This is the reason that most of the tablet-makers are planning to bundle the OS into their slates.

4. Surface has Proven

Microsoft’s own series of tablets with Windows 8, Surface, has proven that the OS can work seamlessly on the tablet platform. It is just up to you how much you can explore, or exploit, it.

5. Android is Not the Competitor

Android lies in a different league, at least as of now, for enterprise users. Most of the enterprise users use Android tablets for fun, entertainment, sharing, and style, but not for work. If Android stays the way it is, it would not cut any market of Windows 8 tablets.

6. RIM’s Playbook was a Disappointment

Everybody thought RIM’s Playbook was the answer to all the corporate needs when it came to doing enterprise-related work via tablet platform, but it turned out to be a big disappointment. It never really met the expectations of enterprise users.

7. Variety of Options

Once it is in the market, the end-users will have many options to choose from. If any user does not like a particular tablet from one manufacturer, he/she always has an option to move on to another.

8. A Great Option for Everyone

Whether it is school, workplace, or anywhere else, Windows 8 tablets can prove to be a great computing device for anyone and everyone. For people who do not want to stick with small product lineup of Apple and want something more useful and practical in real life, Windows 8 tablet is a great option.

9. Microsoft Ought to Push it

Microsoft cannot afford to act loose on this one. The company has a lot of expectations (and much at stake) from this upgrade and will surely leave no stone unturned to promote it. It will provide best of experience to each and every user in every possible way.

10. Pricing will be the Key

However, presently, there is no information on anticipated price of the new-OS-laden slate, we anticipate it to be priced rightly, keeping in mind the competition it might face from other similar devices.

We think these are the top 10 reasons to buy Windows 8 tablets as soon as they hit the market. If you think there are other stronger reasons, we would love to accommodate them into our list. Keep in touch with us. Do let us know if you buy any of the Windows 8 tablets.