Top 10 Ways to Flirt With Women

10. Clean and Hygienic

That is the key to your appearance. Take a shower for God’s sake and wear some nice and refreshing deodorant or perfume. The way you smell, women take note of that. Girls have a thing for nice smelling guys and do not forget to brush; you do not want to spoil your date with bad breath.

9. Confidence

Women like confident guys but do not confuse that with arrogance. Be confident when you approach and don’t stutter and stammer, just be playful. Also don’t just talk about yourself, listen to her as well.

8. Strike a Conversation

So, she is standing alone and giving you the look at times, take your clue and walk up to her. Don’t begin by introducing yourself straightway, that gets a little awkward. Say something regarding the party, the weather or anything and you are set to go.

7. Body Language

Women can judge any guy within a few minutes, the way you stand, the way you sit and even the way you look at her, she is silently taking mental notes of it. When you are talking to her, maintain eye contact, just enough to hold her gaze and not come across as the staring types. Also, do not invade her personal space; women like some distance for the first few minutes.

6. Make her Laugh

If you cannot make her laugh, she will probably find the conversation boring. Crack little jokes at times, but not all the time lest you are a clown. Steer clear of personal jokes and instead rely on your wit and humor. Remember you have to come across as witty, not funny. One liners are the best.

5. Compliment

Flattery! Women love being complimented over the way they look, their dress, hair almost every nitty-gritty. In fact, it is a great way to start a conversation such as you can bump into her and begin by saying “that is a nice dress you are wearing, the color brings out your dark eyes” and see the magic roll.

4. Buy Her a Drink

It is the cliché of flirting, but works like magic. Don’t ask her if you could buy her a drink because she would probably refuse. Walk to her table with a drink and offer it to her saying “Can I indulge you into a drink with me?” She’ll know that you are into her and also like the fact that you like to take charge of situations.

3. Tease

Teasing works like a charm. Tease her a little, make her feel insecure and challenge her guts and then see how she changes colors from shy to super confident. But don’t overdo it or she’ll think you are just a jerk.

2. Get Close

While you are talking to her and she is starting to get comfortable, start by slight touches like a shoulder rub or small squeeze to the hand. Don’t directly go for waist or she’ll know you just want to lay her. Elbow touch, eye contact and hand gestures are enough to drop subtle hints; and, unlike men, girls are amazing at picking hints.

1. Speak Soft

Don’t raise your voice if you want her to listen to you. Instead, doing just the opposite does the trick. Lower your voice so that she is forced to lean closer to you and then speak seductively. Works like magic! And before you know it, she will be drooling over you.