Top 5 Ways to Curb Environmental Pollution

Top 5 Ways to Curb Environmental Pollution

1. Avoid Plastic Bags (Polythenes)

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and pollute the environment far more than we can even imagine. Individuals can use bags made out of cloth or paper, instead. Switching to bags made from cloth and paper would control the pollution.

2. Utilizing Public Transport

However, it is not possible every time, one can make use of public transport, whenever possible. Avoid using your personal vehicle and try reaching your destination using public transport. Not only this will prove to be economical, but would also benefit the environment, as you would not contribute to pollution via your vehicle.

3. Use CFLs

Instead of regular bulbs and tube lights, one should switch to modern-day CFLs. Not only it proves to be very economical, but also emits more light and produces less heat, which in turn, helps the environment.

4. Plant Trees

Plant as many trees as possible. It would produce more oxygen and keep the environment balanced. Cutting trees is leading to global warming, which is eventually fatal.

5. Use Recycled Materials

Try to use more of recycled materials. Also, one can try to recycle the things in his/her own way. Surfing the internet to find out various ways in which things can be utilized is a nice idea.

The idea of controlling pollution begins from an individual. If every individuals plays his/her role adequately, we will surely be able to bring the pollution graph down.