10 Home Workouts for Weight Loss

10 Home Workouts for Weight Loss !!
Good nutrition is essential to stay healthy and control body weight. Eating habits are mainly to be blamed for being overweight. Stomach is a flexible organ and keeps on increasing in size as the food pours in.

Fatty junk food high in calories and a sedentary life style is responsible for putting on surplus weight. It is a must to exercise and eat a well balanced diet.

We all need to do exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. But at times either we cannot afford to go regularly to a gym or we are short on time. Wouldn’t it be fun if we were able to do our complete gym work out at home? To make exercising at home interesting you can even switch on high music to give you company. Given below are ten different exercises which you can do at the comfort of your house and that also without any equipment.

1. Walking

2. Jumping Jacks : Jumping jacks are the best form of cardio exercise.

3. Pushups will be strengthening your arms and working out the muscles of the chest area.

4. Leg Lifts : These are ideal for strength building in your legs.

5. Crunches : Crunches are best for strengthening your abdominal muscles.

6. Spot jogging : Jogging is simply the best for your heart.

7. Squats : These are amazing exercises for your buttocks and legs.

8. Light Weight Lifting

9. Dancing : Dancing is also a kind of exercise. Its boosts your metabolic rate.

10. Step Exercises : Make use of the steps of your home, to do step exercises which will tone up your leg muscles.