Benefits of Meditation and Relaxation

The origin of meditation is traced back to the Vedic times. Its is basically the withdrawal of attention from external, physical and all mental processes. The basic benefits of meditation are stress reduction, improving concentration, improving on inner peace and harmony. Meditation is usually learnt in groups or individually from a trained instructor.

Meditation is usually done in a very calm and comfortable atmosphere. If one is spiritually inclined switch on to some Vedic mantra chants. One has to sit in a comfortable position with the head upright , eyes closed. Breath deeply until you settle down. Start reciting the mantras mentally and start feeling each word of the mantra in your mind. At one point of time you will start achieving more and more calmness and the mantra starts fading away and complete rest prevails. While meditation thoughts might wander. Do not force to concentrate let your thoughts wander at one point of time it will settle down and calmness would overtake. Practice for 25-30 minutes initially. The time can be increased gradually depending on the time one can spend regularly.

There are many relaxation techniques too. In this fast paced world everyone needs to relax to rejuvenate. Sleep is the most effective relaxation technique. Every individual requires a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleep is very essential as it conserves and stores energy. Go to sleep at regular hours. Avoid any kind of stressful mental activates before sleep. As a practice one can have a cup warm milk before going to sleep. Definitely avoid coffee or tea before sleep. Avoid over sleeping as this my result in insomnia. A walk after dinner also promotes good sleep.

Listening to good music is also a best way to relax. Listen to your favorite music for sometime everyday. This practice helps to relax mentally. Attending to religious discourses, bhajans etc also promotes at most peace to the mind.

Have it a practice to break off from daily routine activities for a quite peaceful vacation. This totally relaxes the mind and body. Especially in today’s fast moving world to cope up with the pace one needs to have a clear thought process. The meditation and relaxation techniques should be practiced to achieve success in life.