* Healthy food for kidneys will also help reduce uric acid. So black grapes are also beneficial to the health of people with kidney disease, gout, and arthritis.

* Black grapes are also beneficial to the health of diabetics.

* The grapes are very good, for people with heart disease, because the level of nitric oxide in the blood will increase when you eat the grapes, which are useful to prevent clots and reduce the risk of heart disease.

* Benefits of grapes may help get rid of excess acid in your kidney function. Thus can reduce the disruption of the renal-pressure system.

* You do a lot of activity, fatigue is the end of an activity, fatigue can be overcome with adequate rest, the grape juice will help you in driving fatigue.

* Migraine is a disease that occurs and is often attacked on the head of the next (the headaches). Immediately drink grape juice without additional water, aka pure juice every morning will help cure migraines naturally.

* In a study showed that purple grapes can prevent breast cancer significantly, and could reduce the breast tumor.

* The red wine fruit turns out to contain antibacterial, antiviral and strong enough, so if you frequently eat this fruit can protect the body from harmful infections.