External use of use citrus fruit

Citrus fruit such as Lime, limes and oranges, provides fragrant display that can pile in a bowl. These fruits are used in flower arrangement.

Copper can be polished by rubbing it with a lemon juice soaked cloth and make it to try.

Brass and aluminum can be polished with lemon juice and cream of tartar.

Spray lemon juice on whiten tennis shoes and place them in sun.

For ink spots on clothing, apply lemon juice to the stain. Wash the garment in cold water.

Underarm stains from shirts can be removed by scrubbing them with a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and water.

A citrus fruit helps to removes nasty odours from garbage disposal and freshen the drain.

Make your own spray cleaner by mixing 4 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp liquid soap, 1 tsp washing soda, and one tsp Borax into two cups hot water. Mix until dissolved.

Create natural air freshener by mixing lemon juice and water.

Clean your windows and glass by rubbing lemon juice on them.

Dry lemon or orange peels are used to freshen drawers.

Rub orange or lemon peels on your exposed skin to keep away mosquitoes and gnats.

People having trouble with their barking puppies can able to stop them by getting a squirt of lemon juice in their mouths.