Fatty Facts

Fatty Facts

Dietary fats are essential, but they should be from healthful resources. Fish, sunflower, soy, cotton seed and corn are rich sources of poly unsaturated fats.  Eliminating fats completely from our daily diet is practically not possible nor is it a healthy practice.  Fat is as important as carbohydrates or proteins.  Fat is essential to meet the daily metabolic requirements.

The latest dietary guidelines too advice that essential fats should be a part of our daily diet.  The saturated fats should be less than 10 percentile of our daily calorie intake.  Cholesterol intake should be less than 300 grams/day.   The trans-fats should be completely avoided.  Cholesterol intake can be avoided as the body can build its own cholesterol.  The body converts all the excess calories into saturated fats.
Following are some tips for a healthy fat free life style:

1. Choose your cooking oil: use sunflower oil.

2. Avoid excess ghee intake.

3. Do not reuse oil:  these oils contain trans-fats which are bad for the arteries.

4. Avoid commercially prepared fried foods as they contain hydrogenated fats.

5. Avoid using vanaspathi.

6. Substitute fish for meat in your diet. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart.

7. Do not consume more than one egg yolk/day.