Health benefits of tomato soup:

Health benefits of tomato soup: 

Weight loss: 
One of the benefits of having tomato soup is that it aids weight loss. Many dieters rely on tomato soup as a dinner food just to burn those extra calories and fat deposits from their body. Tomato soup is low in calories and fats. If cooked in olive oil, tomato soup can be healthy and good for dieters who are on diet. The tomato soup diet is a shortcut method to lose weight in a week or month. Tomato soup is rich in water and fibre which makes you feel full for a longer duration.

Fights cancer:
The soup made with red juicy vegetable is effective in fighting cancer. Lycopene and carotenoids (antioxidants found in tomatoes) fights cancer in both men and women. If men and women have tomato soup regularly or on alternate days, they can prevent breast, colon or prostate cancer naturally.

Controls high cholesterol levels:
Tomatoes are a healthy vegetable that controls the bad cholesterol levels in the body. This reduces the chances of high blood pressure. If you have tomato soup, you protect your heart from diseases like heart attack, blockage of arteries etc. It is also rich in Vitamin B and potassium; nutrients that strengthen heart and protects it from diseases.

Controls damage due to smoking:
If you are a smoker and wish to stay healthy without quitting the bad habit, you can have a bowl of hot tomato soup every day. Chlorogenic and coumaric acid in tomatoes fights smoking related health problems. It eliminates carcinogens that damaged the body.

Good for skin:
Vitamin A in tomatoes help you get a glowing and flawless skin naturally. If you want to fight acne, pigmentation or sun tan, have tomato soup. Apart from getting a glowing skin, vitamin A, calcium and vitamin K also strengthens bones, teeth and vision. These are few health benefits of tomato soup. Tomato soup diet can be a quick fix for weight loss. However, you cannot just rely on tomato soup whole day as you need some foods to get proper nutritional supplement. These supplements can be supplied by green vegetables and fresh fruits.You can add them in your tomato soup to make it more tasty and healthy!