How to prevent Bad Breath?

Many people suffer from bad breath or chronic halitosis. In most cases it orginates from the gums and the tongue. The odour is caused by the bacteria from the decayed food particles from the mouth.

The primary reason for the unpleasant odour is poor oral hygiene. Proper brushing methods like brushing of gums , tongue and the roof of the mouth will eliminate the bacteria in the mouth and prevent the foul odour.

Bad breath can occur in the people who have kidney failure, liver malfunction and regular tobacco users also contribute to the foul odour. The saliva plays a vital role in keeping the odour under control. During sleep the salivary glands slow down production of saliva and this promotes the growth of bacteria. Hence it is always advicable to brush the teeth after sleep.

Ways to prevent Bad Breath
Regular visit to the dentist.
Proper brushing of the teeth, gums and tongue.
Regular use of recommended mouth wash.
Consumption of water in frequent intervals and chewing of sugarless gum.
Avoid foods that have a strong odour like onion and garlic.
Fix up regular appointments with the dentist to get rid of the plaque and the bacteria that builds up. Check with the dentist for the actual cause of bad breath and get treated.