Fruits for Pets

While feeding fruits to your pets you must not feed them as if they are human. You must feed fruits according to their size. A Chihuahua eat only 5 – 10% of the human whereas a Rottweiler will eat one full banana or any piece due to large in size.The following are the some of the fruits that can be fed to animals according to their proportion.


The apple is the ancient fruit that calms the digestive system. This fruit also helps the body to absorb calcium and iron contained in other foods. If your dog don’t like to eat apple then try feeding it by removing the peel. Some dogs won’t eat apples unless the peel is removed.


Bananas adds acidophilus bacteria to the bowels in small amounts only. These fruits are an excellent source of potassium which benefits the muscular system. Their sweetness  makes them a favourite of dogs.


Black berries are rich in iron, some dogs will pick ripe blackberries right from the plant. These fruits are also called as blood builders. Blackberries may cause constipation though.


Cherries are rich in iron and said to be both as laxative and blood builder.These fruits helps in removal of toxic substances.These fruits are also said to help the glandular system.


Kiwis are highly rich in vitamin C. You can feed kiwi with or without the peel intact. Some dogs won’t eat kiwi unless the peel is removed.


Melons contains naturally purified water. This helps to clean the wastage presents in kidneys.


Papaya contains vitamins A, C, and E; calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Papaya helps to soothe the stomach. The dehydrated papaya are like candy to dogs.


Peaches contains laxative effect on the body and a tea made from the leaves of peaches are much more beneficial for the kidneys. Peaches are sweetened and hence eliminates the toxins.