Most Popular CHEATING EXCUSES People Make

When it comes to infidelity, we thought we’d heard all the excuses in the book. Not so, apparently. We conducted a small research and found people are sharing the ridiculous excuses they’ve heard from their partners. One example? “It was my friend sending those x-rated texts from my phone, not me!” Sure.
If you have something similar to share with us, feel free to! Let’s continue our research… And never ever fall into these sweet-sounding traps.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, she means nothing to me”

If your partner deletes texts messages
“I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing”
“She’s lying, she’s just obsessed with me”
Everyone knows your ex cheated on you regularly, now all of a sudden you have a higher standard? That’s unfair to me.”
“I didn’t do it, baby. Why don’t you believe me and not the rumours you’re being told?”
“It was just a side quest.”
“My phone was dead, I couldn’t find my charger. I swear I wasn’t ignoring your call.”
“She kissed me, I didn’t kiss her.”
“We were on a break.”
“This isn’t what it looks like, she came onto me!”
“You weren’t there for me, I needed you!”
“She didn’t matter. It was a mistake.”
“I was drunk and I thought it was you.”
“You only live once.”
“I didn’t feel wanted by you.”
“It was my friend who sent these messages, not me!”
“Oh, I have that e-mail for spam.”
“I wish you hadn’t found out because I was just about to end it.