Natural Ways to Sleep Blissfully

Natural Ways to Sleep Blissfully !!
Sleep remains a great mystery to most of us. After a hard day’s work, all of us would like to hit the bed and sleep like a baby. Yet sleep eludes most of us at one point or other in our lifetime. 

Some of us suffer occasional bouts of sleeplessness while for some others it is a chronic problem. If we cannot sleep, we start worrying and the worry starts worrying, giving us restless nights of tossing and turning. Our quality of sleep determines our moods during the waking hours. According to studies, sleep deficiency play a major part right from feeling sluggish to an elevated risk of cardiac problems.

Therefore, a good night peaceful and sound sleep results in increased energy, enhanced productivity, promoting heart and immune health, besides acting as a mood-booster imparting that feel good factor prolonging life span.

Hence, let us look at a few solutions for saying hello to sleep and bye-bye to that miserable sluggish feeling.

1. Regularise Sleep Routine

2. Make Bed Comfortable

3. Aromatherapy Oils

4. Kick Out Furry Pets

5. Turn Off Lights

6. Turn Off Electronics

7. Relaxation Schedule

8. Warm Refreshing Shower/Bath

9. Stay away from rich spicy meals within two hours of bedtime

10. Refrain From Alcohol

11. Cut Down Caffeine

12. Nonetheless, if none of the above gives you Seven to nine hours of quality sleep, that you long for, then review your medications with the help of a health care provider.