Nutrition Tips: No need to say "No"


Coconut is wholesome. Every part of it can be used. Coconut has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that can be useful to the body.


Groundnuts has antioxidants which very few plants have and it is called reservetol. It has properties that can burn the stubborn fat in your bodies. Eating some peanuts will keep the heart healthy. It helps you mobilise the fat deposited areas that needs to be worked on.


Rice is a must-have. Grown regionally, eat rice as it has methionine needed for lustrous hair. If you are dieting and cutting out rice, you will notice how the diet leads to hairfall. Always check for rice with red lines on them. That is the rice you should be eating.


Always add ghee in your food. Ghee or clarified butter increases the immunity needed in a body. It should be an integral part of your diet as it increases the flexibility needed for bones. It is also an important anti-ageing agent. Make it at home to avoid impuritie