Party Hangover - How do I manage?

New Year Eve! Festival Season! Party Party Party! Unavoidable.
Excitement and happiness on 31st night party leads to spicy food, drinks, smoke all of them lead to disaster on 1st Jan. I dont think it feels good to have a bad New year. Here are some good tips on how you can manage your 31st night and 1st Jan to feel normal and enjoy the new year.

Acidity and gastritis are normal effects of parties. All you need to do is just realize what you are consuming. Just think twice before over eating and drinking.
Consume lot of water and juices, take more vegetables like cucumber, tomato and fruits like guava, apple, etc. These can control your hangover to some extent.

Make your drinks diluted and take time to drink. Do not gulp in haste and reduce your excitement time. Make it slow and with lot of salads and juices, which can reduce the impact of drinks and junk food.

Have a good sleep. Have a bottle of water on your bedside and whenever you wake up take a few gulps of water (preferably room temperature). Atleast consume a litre of water in the night, so that whatever you have consumed gets diluted.

1st Jan, a hot black tea to start with will help you clean your stomach. Over the day, drink good amount of juices. Avoid citric fruits like orange and lemon. Guava, Banana and apples can help a lot.

Take a hot water bath and allow lot of warm water flow through your face, which will make you feel better. Avoid non-vegetarian food and spicy food during the day and have light food and be kind to your digestive system.