rope skipping benefits

Rope Skipping, this activity is easy to learn.

Here are some good Advantages of skipping rope:

* It helps lose weight if done regularly.

* It helps or enhances coordination and rhythm between hands and feet movement.

* It strengthens the bones and increase stamina and endurance.

* It helps develop a sense of teamwork and social skills when doing it with friends.

* It helps you to become vigilant and alert because it increases attention skills.

* This can be done by people from any age groups and gender.

* It also enhances flexibility and athletic abilities by improving reflexes, balance and posture.

* It helps tone muscles in the arms, legs and abs amazingly.

* It also speeds up the heart rate so a lot of energy is required in order to maintain good fitness point.

* It is inexpensive.

* It turns out to be fun when doing this activity.

On the other side, the disadvantages doing this could be frustrating or boring when missing a few jumps. It also stresses the calves and Achilles tendons when skipping the same pattern.