Vinegar Uses and Health Benefits

Vinegar Uses and Health Benefits !!
Vinegar in French is called “vin aigre” which means sour wine. It is quite amazing to know that vinegar is in use for over 10,000 years.
Vinegar which is basically a dilute form of acetic acid, is made by fermenting natural sugars into alcohol and later in the process of secondary fermentation, it is made into vinegar.

Heartburn: Take one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar for getting relief from acid indigestion and heartburn.

For stings: For bee or jellyfish stings, you have to douse the area with vinegar. You can get relief from itching and irritation.

Itchy and dry skin: Add around two tablespoons of vinegar to the water take bath for a relief from itchy and dry skin condition.

Dandruff: After cleaning the hair with a shampoo, make a solution with two cups of warm water and half a cup of vinegar. Rinse your hair with this solution.

Sunburn: Apply cider or white distilled vinegar on the sunburn affected parts of the skin for a relief.

Skin burns: Directly apply cold vinegar on the burnt area of the skin. It will prevent the formation of blisters.