What is anemia?

Anemia is a common health problem. This is most prevalent in adolecent children and pregnant women. There are many types of anemia out of which the iron deficiency is most common. Approximately 67% of the iron is hemoglobin. The iron deficiency is rated by taking the hemoglobin level in the blood. Hemoglobin helps transport oxygen to the tissues. The body requires oxygen for proper functioning. The bone marrow produces oxygen using hemoglobin. The normal level of hemoglobin is 11-13 per deciliter.

Anemia is caused due to slow but chronic loss of blood and iron deficient diet.This also occurs after and during pregnancy due to the excess demand from the foetus. Frequent pregnancy leads to loos of iron stores in the body. Most common symptoms of anemia are exhaustion, weakness etc., Palpitation occurs when its severe.

Usually iron deficient anemia can be treated using iron supplements. It is always adviced to take medical advice before consuming the supplements. Oral iron supplements are preferable than injections. The oral dose of elemental iron for treatment of iron deficiency anameia
is 100 or 200 daily with meals. Sustained release iron preparations are expensive but have fewer symptoms of gastric trouble.

Use iron preparations only if diagnosed as iron deficiency anemia. Ferrous supplements like Ferrous sulphate are preferable. Iron supplements should be taken after food to reduce gastric trouble. The liquid iron supplements should be diluted with water. Iron supplements will cause black stools. If you experience constipation, use a stool softner. Do not indulge in self medication.