***Bad effect of computer usage*** ***ON HUMAN BEING***

***Bad effect of computer usage***

With the rapid improvement of technology computer also taken a very important place in human life but as a famous saying, 'excess of every thing is bad'. Exactly like this computer is now defined by some people as a professional killer. It effected our self, our kids and many more bad effect on health like computer radiation. 

Computer radiation is more harmfull to skin health becuase we sit directly infront of computer for longs periods of time and with our face absorbing the radiation. These radiation can make you sick and burn your skin.
For safety from this bad effect always use filters on your display screens and use only those display monitors or LCD's which is always emit less radiation.

Critics opinion on use of computer can kill originality of human ideas and tends to stop thinking themselves and human turned like a copy cats over a mouse.
Same as it's effect on our kids like it also destroy children creativity their health, excess use of computer they loose their eyeside. With excess use of computer children open some time censored and restricted material which are unethical. It puts a negative impact on the growth of the child. It is a suggestion that you should keep computer in your room and tell your child to use computer in your presence, especially if he is in a very impressionable age or you can also use parental control filter to control your children.
Excess use of computer also turn man,women and specially children to the game addiction which is very dangerous for health if they play it in excess. So therefore reduce time for game playing and other fun activity.
One of the most compelling arguments made against the use of computers by children is the risk of repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This problem may be greater for children than for adults because their musculature and skeletal systems are not fully formed and may be at greater risk for injury. Children's risk of suffering repetitive motion injuries may be further increased because they tend to use computers that are sized for adults, placed on adult-sized furniture, and positioned for an adult user.
Another possible risk of using computers is eye-strain, which may include dryness due to not blinking enough, headaches, and blurry vision. To reduce this risk, it is important to limit the time spent staring at the screen; take frequent breaks, making sure to focus the eyes on distant objects; and blink frequently. It is also important to position the monitor sixteen to twenty-seven inches away and in a way that ensures that the user views it at a slightly downward angle.
Computer using effect on a student.
Exposes Students To Harmful Websites:
Although many schools apply Internet filters to their computers, it is still possible for students to use proxy servers to access unsuitable resources such as gaming, social media networks and pornographic material. In particular, browsing social media websites and chat rooms exposes students to the risks of potentially dangerous child predators who seek to deceive students. A further problem stemming from the use of Internet filters is that, when they are in place, educators assume their students are safe and do not provide a high level of supervision, assuming their students are unable to visit undesirable websites.

Provides a Distraction

Using computers in the classroom often leads to students becoming distracted. Regardless of Internet filters, students are still able to access social media, gaming and potentially harmful websites, all of which serves to distract them from the primary focus of the lesson. Although there are tools that educators can use to combat distraction, such as supervision of all computer use or turning off monitors from their own computer, this results in stoppages to classes which makes teaching difficult.

Filters Can Limit And Frustrate Students

Nearly all computers in schools have Internet filters applied. These filters are often crude in the websites they prohibit students from viewing, with the intention of ensuring students cannot visit harmful or obscene websites. However, this occasionally means that students are unable to access genuinely useful and insightful resources, so cannot read around a subject. This can lead to frustration and limit the depth of knowledge a student is able to gain.

Potential For Humiliation

Students that do not have computers at home may be unfamiliar and unable to use computers, while most students will already have a good working knowledge. This can lead to students being singled out as they slow classes down and require special attention and additional training from the educator. This also highlights the fact that students do not own their own computer, which suggests their parents/guardians cannot afford to invest in technology and potentially leads to further embarrassment.

Long-term Impact

Many students already spend lengthy amounts of time on their computers outside of the classroom, and using computers in schools can lead to long-term social and health issues. The overuse of computers can make prevent children from developing well-rounded personalities, with students preferring to interact through electronic means rather than face-to-face conversations. Furthermore, the Mass General Hospital for Children suggests that improper use and overuse of computers can lead to health problems such as headaches, fatigue and repetitive strain injuries in the eyes, back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.