Health Benefits of wolfberry

Goji berry, or wolfberry is a native product to Ningxia. And because of the cultivation of the Yellow River, Ningxia goji berries are especially rich and tasty. Goji is described as "red diamond" for the claims that it can be used as alternative medicine remedies. Besides, in traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry is also said as an eye care fruit and is good for internal organs. Every year from June to the end of October , goji berries are picked and processed. And most of commercially produced wolfberry in China comes from Ningxia.

1. Supports Healthy Immune System 

2. Cholesterol control

3. Free radical scavenging

4. Anti-Aging Properties

5. Cardio protection

6. Protects brain cells from damage

7. Strong Bones and Teeth

8. Increases semen and sperm quality